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DITA: A Category Of One

DITA Eyewear
Celebrating those individuals who together, stand apart. The “of ones” are a 21st century family, bonded not by blood but by their point of view. They are all standouts, and curious occupants of the same fictious apartment building where they share moments, conversations, and glances in the building’s classic elevator. Together, they stand apart. Discover more: FEATURING: THE STATESMAN — The Statesman isn’t even a man. Perhaps, she has a platinum album hanging in her apartment. If she doesn’t speak, perhaps she is resting her voice, coming off her most recent world tour. She is in her mid-50s, with authoritarian style. A single mother raising her daughter in the penthouse. THE INITIATOR — He who wears the INITIATOR is the classic black cowboy. Perhaps, raised a little in Africa, a little in Paris, and a little in Marfa, Texas, this guy is a sculptor. He’s the most friendly guy in the building—even though when spoken to in English, he always responds in French. THE RIKTON TYPE-402 — A refined villain character always in an impeccable suit. In the rare times he cracks a smile, he boasts steel teeth. An heir to a textile fortune, he trades rare books and is often accompanied by two Japanese drag queen bodyguards. THE NACHT-ONE — The resident bad boy, this young British punk keeps his platinum locks straight out. A botanist by trade, he always has tiny vividly colored plant specimens in hand, and boasts killer dance moves. THE CONIQUE — This 20-something Asian woman is an internationally wanted hacker. Perhaps she has a secretive relationship with the INITIATOR. They can’t keep their hands off of one another when they’re alone in the elevator. They ignore one another completely if anyone else enters. THE SHOWGOER — This teenage feminist wears conservative 50’s cut dresses and has been raised in the building by her mother, THE STATESMAN. This voracious reader always has a classic tome in hand. She still holds hands with her mother when they are together. She crushes on NACHT-ONE but would never let him know it. THE NIGHTBIRD-ONE — This storyteller and philosopher is the poet laureate of the building. Early-30s, impeccably dressed, styled in exotic wares from around the world, she is always singing classic R&B songs in a beautiful, haunting tone. THE ERASUR — An intellectual, goth in black nail polish, ERASUR is the longest tenured tenant in the building. Always fabulous and dripping in accessories, he is a favorite among everyone in the building and a fairy grandfather to the SHOWGOER. When he throws a party, it’s lit in the elevator before his guests get to the door. THE SUPA DUPA — Whether in full 70’s attire or sporting only a bathrobe, the SUPA DUPA has a hundred million dollars in the bank, but you’d never know it. The epitome of chilled out, she’s been to Avalon and back and everywhere in between.
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