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Free Yourself From Readers With ACUVUE® Multifocal Contact Lenses

Discover how ACUVUE® Multifocal Contact Lenses allow you to free yourself from reading glasses and take control of your presbyopia. Multifocal contacts enable you to read close-up as well as provide vision correction for longer distances giving you the opportunity to move on from your readers and see your friends, your menus, and yourself the way you always have. To learn more about ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses go to Try Free* Contacts Today *Free Trial lenses are available from participating eye doctors. Exam and fitting fees not included Important Information for Contact Lens Wearers: ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses are available with and without vision correction. An eye care professional will determine whether contact lenses are right for you. Although rare, serious eye problems can develop while wearing contact lenses. To help avoid these problems, follow the wear and replacement schedule and the lens care instructions provided by your eye doctor. Do not wear contact lenses if you have an eye infection, or experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, redness or other eye problems. If one of these conditions occurs, contact your eye doctor immediately. You should never share your lenses with anyone else. For more information on proper wear, care and safety, talk to your eye care professional and ask for a Patient Instruction Guide, call 1-800-843-2020 or visit
Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia Contact Lenses